Didache Volume 09, Number 01

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Didache Faithful Teaching volume 9:1 (Summer 2009). The edition offers a wide array of articles addressing the major themes of this journal, a compilation of new writings available to our readership, and also an introduction to a new project exploring our generational heritage in theological education. The volume incorporates insights from a wide variety of Wesleyan perspectives while also exploring the future of Wesleyan Higher Education.

(Dean Blevins) Our first three articles engage our theological convictions and missional practice. John Wright and Greg Voiles offer two distinctly theological trajectories, justification and reconciliation, and situate them in a larger conversation with current church practice… particularly in our understanding of personal and social responsibilities in light of God’s grace. David Wesley explores short term missions through the lens of a local congregation, raising issues and implications around this popular approach to missional engagement. Finally the journal turns to Wesleyan explorations in the fields of science and social science. Mark Maddix provides an intriguing overview of John Wesley’s formative influences and their impact on his educational practice.  Burton Webb, Professor of Biology, and Keith Drury, Associate Professor of Religion at Indiana Wesleyan University closes this section with an interesting exploration into genetic research and its implication for our understanding of sanctification.

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