Didache Volume 09, Number 02

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Didache: Faithful Teaching edition 9:2 (January 2010), which brings a broad array of research, reflection, and insights from diverse institutions and historical settings, all addressing the wide intersections of education, culture and our Wesleyan tradition. In light of the diversity of insights “we “(Matt Price and Dean Blevins) have the daunting task of introducing the collection. In keeping with our respective roles with this edition we thought it best to mingle our voices as we introduce the journal. The first article in the journal probably deserves Matt’s attention but I take pleasure in presenting David Wesley of Nazarene Theological Seminary,  particularly his research and meditation looking at the role of short term missions as a form of pilgrimage. David’s work begins the journal with a decided global and spiritual perspective, one based upon a contemporary practice that shapes a number of college students and church members engaged in short term missions.

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